I tried searching but for some reason it wont search for 12, and im sure you can imagine how many results i get with just the word "string" in a guitar forum haha.

Im looking into get a new or even used 12 string but not really sure what to look for. I know i want an acoustic electric with a built in tuner and preferably a cutaway (i think) but after that i have no idea where to start. I mostly play strats and like a slightly narrower neck but that and having 12 strings might be mutually exclusive. Ive only ever played a handful in my life so if anyone has any advice or recommendations im all ears.
Takamine makes amazing 12 strings. I have one that I'm selling actually. I bought it for $350, then had an electric output installed for $50.

I'll sell it for around $275 if your interested. (I'll give you all the specs in a second, if you are interested)
You can pick up a decent Yamaha 12 string for under $400 of eBay
I bought this one last week $320 AUD delivered

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