hello. tommorow im getting a new guitar. it is a 1980 Gibson Sonex 180 Custom. This guitar sounds better than a Les Paul and I'm getting it for dirt cheap, $525 to be exact. I love the bridge pickup. it can do almost anything, but im not too fond of the neck pickup. I was looking more for a p-90 sound, but i saw in another thread that the p-90s that are humbucker sized dont sound like a true p-90. Any recomendations?
the Slash Pickups from Seymour duncan.
clean clean tone, that could be dark or bright.
its nice.
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im looking for a p-90 sound, slash is deffenitely not what im looking for. read the first post next time, big guy.
Well.. the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat's do have a single coil/ P90 Vibe, but are brighter than most P90s (larger size..)

Also.. I would have to agree with the 'Slash pups' aka Alnico II Pro - very very clear under any gain levels.

Besides 'P90' what else do you want in a pickup? What do you play?
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I would oddly enough suggest a Seymour Duncan 59' or Seth Lover (squeals with highgain.. like a real P90!) for the neck position - 59 especially nails cream tones, and I play ALOT of Neil Young and use the neck pickup. It also has a crystal clear clean.