Alright THIS I've never tried, with actionscript that is.
I want a timecounter to show the duration of a song for my music player .
All i can find tutorials for are using XML files and all that jazz. But i'm making mine with the sound in the timeline.

So more or less, i want to get some actionscript to control a text box *(telling the duration) possibly depending on the amount of frames being used, like, it has the time for the amount of frames between 2-4000 or something. Do you get me. Anyway , anyone out there?
Go on some Flash forums, we're musicians not animators.

Take Multimedia classes to teach you about Flash or don't aim so high.

It's one bit of actionscript that I don't know. I'm not aiming high. Anyway I asked for help and this is the pit. So you don't need to read this.
Go to a flash forum dude, this is a music website. You'd get way more help over at one of those.

Well when you say it like that. Bah I dont want to. Fine i'll go..
I knew the cheers smileyz would work wonders!

Flash pisses me off....especially Flash 8, but it's cool how you can make screensavers for your phone.

OMG I totally knew you could make screensavers and stuff, but man, why didn't it click till just now hahah, Jeez i'm gonna make some. I love flash, I don't knwo why. I can't make flash movies well. or anything, but I can do liek websites and stuff.
cheers haha