Leper Colony currently consists of two guitarists (one is the vocalist), a bassist, and a drummer. Our current bassist is not nearly as dedicated as we need. Our style is melodic death/thrash metal. We have a number of venue gigs under our belt, and we are looking to add a few more with a new arrival. Our practices occur in the Ontario and Riverside areas of southern California. We have a handful of completed songs and are currently working to create more. Possessing own equipment is a necessity. Hear one of our songs at myspace.com/lepercolonyband

I am the rhythm guitarist/vocalist. Contact me (Tim) through my myspace (myspace.com/timman), my email (tiimmmmmyyy@hotmail.com), but not through the band's myspace.

Seriously inquires only, please.

*Email sent*
how often do you pratice? and at what times?
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