I have been memorising the notes in the fretboard, practising scales without using pattern and read out notes of the solo i am playing.

What else can i do to further more improve?

I mean how do i do to create licks?

And anyone mind teaching me chord progression?

Thank you very much
Well for starters, a major chord progression goes I ii iii IV V vi viio I
In C major, thats C Dm Em F G Am Bdim.
For much more depth go to the MT sticky.

To learn more theory, go to the MT sticky and the link in my sig

To not even need to create licks, watch Melodic Control on google video.

PS Good on you for learning the notes!
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^^ thats not a standard chord progression, thats just the chords in a key

any part of the cycle of fifths can be used as a progression (iv - vii - iii - vi - ii - v - i), though you could use any chords really; whatever sounds good ...

check out http://musictheory.net as well