I have a Peavey transtube 110efx amp in my den that I use for practice and I'd like to get another amp about that size to use in my attic (got a bit more room up there). I've been looking at a VOX AD30VT and wonder if anyone has experience with these 2 amps and can compare them. The vox is almost $75 cheaper then what I paid for the peavey. Are the effects similar? Really just don't want to drag the peavey up the stairs all the time and would like to try something different then what I already have. This will be for practice only, so no gig requirement. What say you all? Thanks
the vox is great if all your using it for is practice. ive never played that peavey, but id be willing to say the vox has better effects. why not go with the 15 watt instead of the 30 and save even more money?
I like the 30 to 50 watt range more for the quality over the 10 to 15 watt stuff. Not so much just for the power, but better speakers, effects variations etc. I don't have that much experience with to much of it, but in the stores i always like the sound better.