What is the best way to handle snotty guitar player that think they are better than you and try to say everything you do is wrong compared to their superior way? Also do you have any stories about a snotty guitar player of your own?
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assuming they aren't actually better than you, blowing them out of the water with your skillz should shut them up.
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Give them a tissue...sorry.

A guy who is much faster than me told me that all you need to know is minor pentatonics and that modes can "phrygg-ian off". He wanks constantly but is a pretty cool guy.

Thats about it. Guitarist are pretty scarce where I live (Outback Australia).
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Theres this one kid in my uni who thinks hes the ultimate gift to mankind with his guitar skills.. So i asked him if he would like to jam sometime? because i was moving outta my hse to somewhere closer to where he stays.

Hes like "sure thing, shouldnt be a problem, just one thing tho",

then i say "whats up?"

He says "when i usually jam with other people, i sometimes dont look like i know what im doing, but actually i do"

I say "hows so? and why is that?"

He says "well, it just looks like i cant play really, but actually when im alone im really good"..

I just cant wait for this jam to take place..
This happened on MSN btw, not too long ago.. the dudes name in Jeremy..
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I know a kickin' wang guitar player, but he isn't really snooty, he's very informative. It makes me feel jealous that he's so much better with my instrument than me, but I'll strive to be as good as him one day.
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