I've been looking to get a new amp but only have about 1200 to spend. I was thinking about getting a Peavey Windsor 4x12 cab with the Windsor 120watt tube head. And if I had enough left over get a PODXT Live for effects. Would this be a good setup or should I get something different?
... what do you play?

just get a good amp and to hell with the XT i think.
Go get a pedal if the amp doesn't have what you want.
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Forget the pod, keep your fx and amp analogue, they sound alot better and there is less to go wrong
I have an XTL and I think most of it's stuff can sound great if you know how to program it and run it into the right amp. I've found that the XTL's amp-modeling sounds best run into a tube amp with a good basic clean sound that has alot of clean headroom. I'm getting amazing sounds using mine with an old Ampeg VT-22 from the 70's, I'd expect it would work nicely with most good Fenders, or older amps like Sunn's or HiWatt's.
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