hey guys, i've had this problem on one of my basses for ages but never bothered to fixed it, but now i think it's time to do something bout it

my very first bass has the strap button completely fallen off, the screw included. every time i try to put it back in it tends to fall out again. the reason y it won't stay still, is bc quite simply, the wood around it has been sanded away, so i cannot screw the nail back in the guitar. don't ask me how it got to that plz

do u get that? i'm not very good at expressing myself lol

but i was thinking, should i put putty in that hole with the nail still in, and let it set? or is there a better way? one of my friends suggested superglue but as i said, there's space around the nail where wood should be, so i can't stick it on.
use matchsticks along with a screw to put the button back on, cut them in half or just take the ends off and put one in the hole then screwthe button on. Works everytime
best way to do it: glue a dowel rod into the hole make sure its a anig fit and hammer it in with a rubber mallet. then screw the button back in using a power drill, you way want to drill a guide hole first but it isnt completely necessary.
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that happened on one of my basses due to my sending it flying through the air all the time XD i just drilled a new hole completely, and then i put some heavy duty industrial strength super glue in the new hole and then put the screw in; havnt had any problems since. but if you're worried about appearances, the other suggestions here would work.
I've even just glued a screw in with wood glue and it worked perfectly.
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I've done both, and the dowel / matchstick method actually works better and lasts longer; esp. if your bass is on the heavy side.
had same problem with my bass - used the matchstick trick and half way through a set my bass fell off and i had to finish the song kneeling down on one knee while the sound guy taped it to my bass with duct tape. (and no, i didnt miss a note !!)

you need a harder wood than matchsticks to make it really secure..
This happened to my mate and he just used no more nails, its held well too
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that happened to my bass and i fixed it by putting in a screw that was twice as long. its been fine since then