First, there's the Dimebag Tribute ML:


OR, the one I've been kind of leaning towards...

The ML 79F:



Personal Thoughts:

The Dime Tribute ML would be nice if it didn't have that sticker on the body. I think that's horrible. But it comes with a free hardshell case! I think that is badass. And I like the neck binding on it.

On the ML 79F, I could just put a Bill Lawrence X500L pickup on there, buy a hardshell case, and it would still cost less.
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the Dimebag tribute ML would be an excellent guitar to choose

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i would not go for The dimebag tribute cuz it is really overpriced just for having dimes name on it. U should go ahead with the 79 ML and upgrade the pups as u said and get a much better guitar or u should lookinto other brands like Ibanez, Ltd or Jacksons
i'd get the ML 79, it probally plays much bettter than the dimebag tribute, the only reason the dimebag tribe is more is cause it has that graffic on it.

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id get the ML 79 i almost got this guitar but then decided to put my bidget up and got the dean from hell instead but yeh this would definatly be a guitar worth getting
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I would say neither. both are sub par guitars for the price (the 79 less so)

if you can find one, grab a washburn dime3, comes with the good stuff in it already (BLX500L bridge, schaller trem, the good stuff)
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