I'm not so good with computers, but I know that firewalls are important... (:P)
And I'm worried because mine CAN'T TURN ON.
I go to Control Panel > Firewall and it's all greyed out... And set to off.
It says: "For your security, some settings are controlled by Group Policy."
But ever since it came, I've been getting hundreds of popups! Someone help!
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Are you using the administrator account on that computer? Try it there, if you're not.

We had a sort of similar problem on the computer downstairs, it's my dad's work computer, i.e. it's completely set up by his work and they did some bullshitty stuff with firewalls and stuff. We had a LOT of trouble with it, but there was nothing we could really do about it.

If you can, download another firewall program. CA Personal Firewall 2007 is one... though it's not free. There are some... questionably legal methods (READ: Software Piracy) of getting it, but yeah.

Try downloading another firewall program rather than using Windows Firewall. Though make sure you download a legitimate one, rather than a false one which is just going to fuck up your computer. Be careful

EDIT: Also, you'll want more than just a firewall. If you're getting pop-ups on your computer I'd say you've got a lot of adware. These are just advertising pop-ups that appear when you're not even using an internet browser, right?

Download this:

Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition. It's good, you can scan your entire system to find any infections (such as trojans, browser hijacks, etc), which you can then quarantine and delete.

You'll also want to get a spyware scanner as well.


That's another one of the CA products, like that firewall one I talked about earlier. Unfortunately it won't delete the bigger things, but like I said... questionably legal methods
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