If you really like metal and have a minute check out www.myspace.com/azazelmetal its just me really messin around and putting together some quick songs because i just got a recording program and wanted to mess around with it so theres no more then a couple hours put into each of these and also im not a pro so dont expect me to be. I only have to songs up right now but i do have others and they will be up as soon as i get around to it. I hope someone enjoys a listen if you dont well that doesnt matter cause everyone is diffrent.Also i wasnt trying for the best structure in either of these I just improvised in a night like i said so dont expect dimmu style structure because im far from that. Im actaully just learning my scales and theory, have only been for about 3-4 months so you can only get so much out of the little knowledge that i know so if your just going to come to the site to dis it then dont bother now if you come for inspiration or just to have a quick listen then come on over and again i hope you enjoy and thank you.
Sweet. Not too bad for a couple of hours work. Not bad at all. Very solid stuff.

Do you have plans for vocals? Or are these just trial songs?

Also, who is on drums, or is it your creation?

Either way, good stuff.
Hey thanks alot i really appreciate your support. Also im thinking about lyrics but these are just experiments but someday i will put vocals to these cause i can sing but i wanted to put some stuff up just to see what people think before i go all the way to the lyrics part you know. Also its not my drums there just me putting them in there where i want them. I do play drums but my computer isn't in the same room and recording drums is alot harder then guitar. You might want to know that im only recording that guitar with a roland micro cube which is 2 and 1/2 watts. I have other amps but for recording im just going threw that little thing. So for you to say that its not bad and pretty solid really impresses me. I hope this info helped you out and i hope you check back sometime because i will have more up as time goes by and ill figure out the vocals so people aren't bored, you know alot of people wouldn't even listen to it because there is no lyrics so thats why i came here to you guys because you play guitar.Thanks again
I put two more songs up. There not complete with drums but you can still listen.Thanks for your support anybody who goes there.
Sick, I listened to the two new songs, just as good as the others, if not a bit better because they differ a bit more in structure.

I can't believe you're getting this sound out of a roland micro cube! I've never used one, but I heard they weren't exactly powerhouses, so very nice.

Yeah, I agree with your statement about lyrics, I'm in a band at the moment and no-one listened to us until we got a vocalist, and we're still kind of lacking vocals now, so I know where you're coming from.

Just keep it up, maybe add a backing guitar or bass, vocals, and you'll be rockin'!

Can't wait to see what the future holds.

Devoured is the best song, IMO
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hey dude thanks alot i really appreciate it. yeah i was thinking about it but i tune down and my bass is tuned standard e so i cant get that real low end but i can still put something to it and i think i will if more people seem to like the stuff then i will decide to keep it and complete it. thanks again.Also i wrote lost in flames first,suffer second,alone 3rd and devoured fourth. So you can see how im experimenting with structure and stuff.Also i don't every song to sound the same.But i like devour the best so fart to because i love the first riff alot because its fun to play and i love the others but that is so far the best one i think i have done. So im glad you agree.take it easy.
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hi, pretty good riffs. did you use a program for the drums ? or are you playing ?
Amazing songs! Devoured is really tthe best. With the second guitar backing those songs will rock through the ****in floor I'm standin.. And lyrics are also recommended-.. Good job dude!
i think the riffs are writen about million times, and they're also too repetative!! you need a singer!
To the people that liked it i really appreciate it.ARe you saying i should have another guitar playing an octave igher or just two guitars playing???Also i kon wi need the vocals, these are just experiments to see how people like my music before i go and put all that time into stuff that people might not like.Also if you listened to suffer then yeah the riffs go on forever because i had another part there and i didnt like the sound of it but i couldnt figure out how to mix in my guitar to match the other parts after i already went on to experiment with other songs. So as you see its not written in stone and thats my least favorite, i do love playing that riff but the second verse goes on to long, now if your saying all the songs are two carried out then all you need is lyrics cause like i said before is that it will get boring if theres no vocals, but thanks for your critisicm opefully this helps you understand and if you dont like it then i guess thats just to bad man, theres other music out there for you to enjoy and maybe someday you might like my stuff we'll just have to see.thanks again for your support everyone.
also it was lost in flames not suffer, suffer might do it but with lyrics everything will sound diffrent, but i hesitate a little bit also because i dont want the cops called when im screaming in a apartment but ill find some way to get them in there.
do you HAVE to scream for your vocals? what if you try for something a bit more melodic? it would fit the guitar pretty well if you just sing, wouldn't it?


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sounds cool to me

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yeah i want to sing to it also not scream i just said scream because people next door will think im gonna kill someone or something if i sing they will just think im singing to the radio you know. Im new at scales and theory right now i have only been learning for about 2-3 months so when it comes to solo's im gonna wait till im better and i will put them in there. I like chromatics but only really as passing tones so i want strong sculpted solos not just doodling.