what kind of tremlo system is on a stratocaster. like ive played them you can pull them up or dive with them, but what kind of tremlo is it called. do they go out of tune easily?? if they do go out uof tune easily could you put a top notch floyd of it if you had too? one of my friends plays a strat and he says he personally doesnt like the whammy bar, he says it knocks him out of tune....
so they dont go out of tune...just an american strat with a bridge that lets you befnd the bar up and down. i was just wondering...i played one at a music store the other day, i liked...
If i'm not wrong, you could tighten the screws on the machineheads to make 'em more stable. Clockwise is the right direction i believe
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so if i were to buy a strat that the tremelo allows the bar to go up and down, i could upgrade the tuners. ive just heard so many complaints about how if you use a whammy bar, the sound goes bad because it goes out of tune, but ive never played with one a bunch to know. so a strat is a safe bet?
My Jeff Beck has got a very loose tremolo but it doesn't get out of tune easy.
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fender can do dive bombs you just have to loosen the bridge tension... and yes you should get a set aof sperzel locking tuners before you loosen it and every thing
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could i replace the hardtail of my custom tele with a floating strat bridge? i asked the same question about a floyd rose and they said it would be rediculously expensive. so could i put on like a strat floating bridge? is that possibe or expensive?
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If i'm not wrong, you could tighten the screws on the machineheads to make 'em more stable. Clockwise is the right direction i believe

That doesn't do anything, since machine heads work on a worm gear principle. Tightening the buttons up just makes them stiffer to turn round.
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thats got the big block thing in the back of the neck that is hard for your hand to go across and its only got 21 frets, leatst thats what i read......... oh well whatever
what big block?
you probably mean the locking nut...
thats not affecting the way you grab around the neck...
and whats so bad about "only" 21 frets?


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Ok, Ok, Hold the horses. First, There are two main types of fender tremolo bridges - Vintage and modern. The vintage tremolos sit flat, Mounted by six screws, And are designed ( But rarely followed ) Only to give slight effect. The Modern tremolo is a little more versitile, Sitting on two studs and the plate sits eaual to the body, Unlike a vintage as where the saddle sit equal, But the plate it slightly higher. Now! If you think you're going to pull of massive whammies and awsome orgasmic dive bombs with a strat, You've got another thing coming - Tuners, Bridges, Proper truss, Trem Setters, Better saddles, High quality nuts, And a set up that would cost you one hundred dollars alone. Strat Tremolos are great, But do not hold tune unless every precaution and note is taken and noticed. With Floyd Roses - Unless you buy the expensive ones, It's a waste of money. Unless you know what you're doing, It's a waste of money. Unless you have the patience of a freaking rock, It's a waste of money. A floyd is harder to set up, Harder to change strings, More prone to " setting " itself out of tune ( Unless set up just right ) And very easy to use wrong and sound like crap. You're not going to buy a nice guitar with a great tremolo and sound like Kerry King, Or Jimi Hendrix. You're going to buy a nice guitar with a great tremolo and LEARN HOW TO USE IT! If you're using a cheap tremolo and a cheap guitar - Don't. There are too many variable to have to correct that it would just be easier to purchase a new guitar completely. So says the Ol'boy.
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so go buy an ibanez with a zr. i heard those are easier than a fr and nearly impossible to knock out of tune..has anyohne heard any different?
No. It's true. those freaking tremolo's are ORGASMIC. Even if a string breaks, It stays in tune - ANY ONE THAT GIGS KNOWS THAT'S AWESOME! It has great tone, Nice and light, Awesome feel. Great guitar to go for.
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