Can anyone tell me which songs I can play which are easy, but sound awesome.

Keep in mind I only have learnt A G E F#m Am Em D C cords and can be played on a acoustic guitar.
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Quote by alucardmik
smells like teen spirit, im a bassist and even i can play it on guitar!

What's that supposed to mean? And can you send me the cords of the incubus drive song?
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it means i dont play guitar yet i can play smells like teen spirit, its an easy as song to play, and its kool, like many of nirvana songs
1. This website provides tabs...so you could look for that tab yourself.
2. Drive doesn't use conventional chords; you would probably have to work at it a little bit.
3. Check out the what song thread, there are tons of songs in there.
4. Pet peeve: learned is a word; learnt is not. Neither is ain't for that matter, but that doesn't bother me as much.

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A little advice TS The word is Chord NOT Cord. Not trying to be mean but I just need it right myself.

Land Locked Blues is pretty Easy Its by Bright Eyes.
SO is Time of your life - Green Day.