Hey guys,

I'm looking to get my first guitar, and i've been checking out guitar reviews and that on UG. and will hopefully soon go to a local shop to check out if i like the sound of the les paul

I've been looking on allansmusic.com.au , where they have 1 guitar available (epiphone les paul), in 1 colour at a 75% discount, while all other colours are at the same price. This would allow me to go up a model cause it fits my budget.

Cause there advertising only 1 guitar at this price, how likely would it be that there was defects in the guitar and this is why its discounted? Or is it cheap just cause of the colour?

Would it be wiser to go with a the local store and go a model down?
If you're buying online, ALWAYS play a few of the guitar models in shops to get a feel for the playability and sound so you know what you're buying into.
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i had a bad experience with ordering something off allansmusic.com.au (wah pedal took 4 weeks to arrive and was faulty -- ended up returning it) and I always feel more comfortable buying a guitar in-store because you really know what you're getting

as for your question regarding price and colour, without actually seeing the website the guitar could be cheaper because it's old stock or the finish (colour) is easier to paint than say for example a sunburst finish (just an example)
I buy a lot of stuff online but I don't think I would ever buy a guitar. They are made of natural material and each one has a slightly different sound and feel. I would go to the store, play one and but the exact one you like. Since they are natural each one is unique.
k. thanks for ur help guys, much appreciated,
yer it is probably much wiser to see exactly what im buying otherwise i could easily waste my budget on something that wasnt quite what i expected

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