wich guitar should I use in a band playing garage rock such as the hives,the vines ,subways,qotsa,.... ?
Depends on your budgety really. If you can afford it a Gibson Les Paul is ideal for that kind of music. If not maybe a fat strat or a PRS single cut.
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
Well, whatisface from the vines uses a plain strat....
The guys from qotsa and the subways play sgs
(i think? idk quotsa too well)
So yeah, maybe a fat strat,
Or a normal one and put some hot single coils in,
Or even better some hot rails.
Nice choice in music btw.
Buy a fat strat, gibson is not worth the money. Or just a strat.
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Go for some type of LP. I've got the LTD 400 with seymour duncans, trust me you can play anything. bit pricey though, and sold out in a lot of places.
I think for that type of music it's really whatever you feel most comfortable with. any of the suggestions these guys gave are good.

I'd deffinately go with something more traditional, like a strat, Les Paul, SG, maybe even a tele (despite the fact i hate em with a passion)
i thnk pretty much any thing will work great, except maybe a jazz box or something
Dude, i would recommend you a Washburn X-something stuff.

I have Washburn X10 and it is way better than Epiphone LP. I also compared it to Gibson SG and I think that (belive me or not) that this 200$ Washburn is at the same 'kickass level' as SG. Weird, isn't it?

Washburns are both cheap and good, so you can even break'em on gigs :P
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