hi, I've been playing guitar for a little over 5months now, and I feel I have quite a bit of the basics down, I was wanting to get into playing some metal. Only problem is, I don't know what bands to search for(metallica would seem a no brainer but their stuff can be a bit difficult), also, which songs from them to look for.

if anybody could help me with this it'd be much appreciated.

black sabbath...if you can call them metal. iron man and paranoid are really easy
metallica stuff from kill 'em all is a lot easier than it looks

try motorbreath
metallica wise you could always learn enter sandman. everyone knows it and it is fun to play. after that maybe for whom the bell tolls.
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some Iron Maiden is pretty easy. playing chords to 'The Trooper' for instance. run to the hills is pretty easy.