I'm selling a 3 month old Hartke VX410. It's a great cabinet, but my car broke down and I really need the money at the moment. I've tried several other cabinets, but paired with the amp I have, this is one of the best sounding cabinets I've ever heard. Good enough that I bought a second one, so I had one for both bands I jam with, instead of hauling it around everywhere. Anyway, it's still in great condition. Has some cat hair on it, that I'll be more than happy to vacuum off before shipping out. Here are the specs:

Heavy-duty plywood construction

Four 10 in. proprietary drivers

One horn loaded high frequency transducer

Power Handling: 400 Watts @ 8 Ohms

Ergonomic handles

Parallel 1/4 in. Inputs

This cabinet still goes for $250 online, which is what I paid. Because it's only 3 months old, I'm not dropping the price a ton, but I think 200 is fair. If interested, contact me here, or call me at 269-861-2396
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