Soon, I'll have the chance to tock up on some nice effect pedals, as well as pick up a new guitar, since I'm traveling to the USA, and guitar equipment is twice the price where I live ( in Denmark.) I got around 400-500 dollars to use on effects, and I have a couple of ideas that look interesting. If necessary, I can always use more, but since I'll be moving out soon, it'll be best to have some money in the bank!

Right now I have a Yamaha Pacifica, I'm going to buy a Epiphone Les Paul of some kind. The amp I'll eventually be getting will probably be a Fender Hot Rod or Blues Reissue, I'm not 100% sure.

Here's what I've been looking at:

Multi-effects: The Line 6 XT Pod looks really interesting. I can simulate most effects and amp types, record directly, and probably mix up some crazy stuff. An idea I had is getting some kind of violin/strings patch and tapping the background instrumentals to some Pink Floyd songs- in between solos. But I am going to have to play around with one of these a bit and try everything before I get one, as it might be too digital for me. I'd like to hear if anybody knows about similar multi-effects around the price range, give or take 150$.

Overdrive: I'd like to get a nice tube pedal for some vintage overdrive, and the Ibanez Tube Screamer or the EH Hot Tubes look the best to me. But I'm not even sure the TS has a tube. >.> Any comments on this?

Wah- I'd like to get a higher-range Crybaby of some kind. Again, I haven't tried most of the models out, so I'll need to do that. The Ibanez Screaming Demon looks interesting too, though.

Distortion: The EH Muffs look cool. I'd try out the Metal and normal Muffs and see which one I prefered. They sound like they'd work well with a tube amp.

Compression: Again, the EH Black Finger looks good, has a good reputation, and has tubes.

That's what I'm looking at- Comments to anything/recommendations to effects that I asked about will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading that.. >.<
No the TS has no tubes, but it's still a classic effect, and is great for that blusey drive.
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i have a better idea. dont buy the multi and just get single.. if you are going buy all that you mentioned above except for the pod, you now only need to buy a delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, and other modulation with the price of the pod.

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The multi would be well suited for the floyd stuff you're looking to do. I would recommend the GT-8, as it can perform convincing synth and string tones fairly well. I used the GT-8 with the hot rod deluxe and the combo works well together. If set up properly, you can dial out the digital gremlins with the GT-8, but not so much with the POD. Pumping the GT-8 through the HRD power section is great as well. Try it out.
The GT-8 did look interesting, but part of the Pod XTs appeal was the fact that you could download a patch and basically imitate a song's tone. I saw a youtube video where a guy had the EXACT same tone as Steve Vai while he did "For the love of god." How is the GT-8 when it comes to digital upgrading and patches? Can you record through it?

And I forgot to say: I would probably be getting the multi-effect and another pedal or two, or stock up on everything.

My musical taste is way too varied for me to specify a specific tone that I'm going for, but I really like Pink Floyd, as well as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimi H, Queen, Led Zep... Well, safe to say I don't have my own tone yet. When in doubt, I'd like to go David Gilmour, though. :-D

Oh, and add Talkbox to the effect list. I'd like to get a lower end free speach or something to play around with, they seem like a lot of fun.
By the way, is it standard for most pedals to run on batteries OR power supplies? WIll I have trouble bringing to from the US to europe, where the electrical voltage is different?


Two new effects to comment on:

Bulldog Vox Distortion:

Rocktron Silver Dragon

These both sound interesting, they both are tube effects, and I'm curious what people think about them.
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I'd like to point out for a second that not all effects need to be tube. You look at Hendrix's effects chain (I'm just using him as an example, same goes for loads of other guitarists) and you won't see a single tube-powered pedal. Same goes for Jimmy Page and Brian May. They had tube amps, not pedals.
I realize I might be looking a litttle too much at the tube part. I blame these forums. :-D I realize that most effects are fine without tubes, and probably better, but overdrive and distortion started out as tube effects and it seems it would be most authentic to keep them that way. IMO, though.
Well, if you mean by overdrive by cranking a tube amp. The first OD pedals were analog and solid-state, so that would probably be the most vintage tone.
No no no no, don't get a multi fx if you've got a decent valve amp. Get indivdual pedals.

And valves in pedals doesn't really matter.
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Alright, thanks for ridding me of my misconception. That's cause tubes are generally praised for their dynamics, which doesn't matter if you have tubes in your amp?
^Indeed. They're usually praised for their dynamics when they're in amps... lol
"Breathe, breathe in the air
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30