This is an Metal Instrumental I made the last few days as you can see i started the drums and bass but couldnt be bothered finishing as they were shit so ive left that for now, but yeah check it out please and any suggestions for improvement would be good, i know ive toned the technicality with using power chords for this one but it sound like i wanted it to, it starts acoustic then chugs a few riffs thn 2 solos then a tempo increase and an outro solo, which im really not happy with if anyone could help with that id be very grateful,

Crit 4 Crit as always thanks


Edit: Ive got another few pieces on the go at the minute A Paul Gilbert/ Racer X style Piece, Another Metallica/Thrash Instrumental and A Power Metalesque ( ) piece so ill be getting them up soon enough.
Metal Instrumental 1.zip
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gotta be able to download it to crit it mate
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sorry it did something weird because i had a thread made and deleted it cos i ****ed up teh title and when i went to add the file to this one it stopped me because i added it earlier despite the fact i deleted the other thread, but yeah sorry bout that.
The song had a very nice 80's Metallica feel to it (minus Cliff). I'm a big fan of melodic thrash but the song overall is pretty average.

1) The slow acoustic bit almost put me into sleep... Although the entrances were pretty neat, it was still kind of boring. Maybe raise the tempo a little and don't repeat the first melody?

2) I really liked the riffs. All of them. They had that Metallica feel to it. Maybe a bit too much of that repeating low E but overall great riffs.

3) I disliked the solos. The solos were not BAD but simply... out of place. Kind of bluesy at times. Really killed the Metallica vibe.

4) I liked the tempo change, good job on that.

As I said it's pretty average. Good riffs, not so good solos. Definitely potential there.
Overall i liked it it has some killer old school riffs but it never seemed to speed up. All good thrash needs to at some poit kick in and have a blazing fast riff. hints why people call it speed metal. also it seemed kinda repetitive your main riff was repeated way to much. i think with a riff that speed things up a bit mabey a couple riffs if you wanna go for a more metallica feel would help cut down on the repetitiveness of the song

Other than that i enjoyed it the solos were really nice and the outro solo, it was just the ending the song needed. theres potential there though. 6.5/10

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I have put up a new version with finished bass and drums u know theyre shit but its better than nothing and i cut down the intro a bit.

so yeah crit away ppl ill get to yours if you leave me a link or whatever.
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good song..
hey i edit ur song,just for fun

i dont like the electric in the intro it doesnt go with what i wanted but i took the little drum build up before the first riff, then the solos, i liked the tapping bits they sounded good but the rest of them were fast but not the feel i was going for so im leaving the solos i had in it, also one passage in your was maybe pushing my playing speed to the top and i dont like playing too fast.
im gonna be brutally honest here, the intro melody was incredably boring. I would advise you just to start the song with the entrance part, atleast that's a bit more interesting. The 1st riff was quite cool, and better than the start. Riffs 2 and 3 were similar, but i guess it was ok to have them as seperate riffs. I liked the rhythm on both. Solos 1 and 2 were ok, nothing amazing but not bad. I always think if a solo isn't catchy, theres no point in having it, 1 and 2 could be a whole lot better with a few adjustment, but i did like how they are similar, just in different places on the neck. The song gets really good when it comes to the tempo change. The riffs were the best part of the whole peice, i really liked them . The outro solo was better than the previous two, well done on that. Also i thought it could have been a bit longer as it was an instrumental, but thats just my thoughts on the matter. I've tried to be as honest as possible, and i hope i have helped you if you think of changing some parts. Overall i'll give it 6.5, possibly 7(if a few changes are made) out of 10, from the tempo change onwards was the best bit, and saved it from a 6/10

Thanks for the critique on my thrash peice
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not maiden to be honest and yeah i throw in open notes the odd time for a bit of variation.
liked the sound. it has definite direction, very metallica-like. but progression of the song was a bit too epic. meaning that the transitioning from certain tempos to faster ones as well as riff to riff was not great. either not a smooth transition, or a ball-busting abrupt change (think the beginning of battery's main riff), or too long of a change (the acoustic intro)
But i like the melodicy of the music. it's a few tweaks away from being something very good.
melodicy: 9/10 potential: 8/10 room for improvement: 7/10
overall: 6.5/10
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The entrance is rather boring, it needs something extra in it. The riffs remind me of Metallica, bits of it remind me of a Master of Puppets medley, but thats just me, but i like them. The solos are good but for this genre of music, they need to be much more powerful.

overall, good, but needs some improvement,
i personally liked the aucostic to electric in the beggining but i found the riffs a bit over repetitive i would add something to some off them like a quick pinch harmonic or extreme vibrato. the solos i thoguht wre great as was the tempo change but i found the tempo change's placement just a bit ackward like it needed a little something to lead up to it and set the mood. the end solo was great as was the ending riff. 7.5/10

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I didn't like Riff4, and the chords in Entrance 2 did sound a bit out of tune, but, otherwise, it was good, especially Riff2, the solos and the tempo change (needs a drum build-up before it, though).

they shouldnt be out of tune? theyre all in key.
Hey man, I like the metallica vibe that the riffs have, they sound good. However, the intro was a little bland, and seemed to the drag on too long, you might want to speed it up a little, or add some different notes and let them ring out. The entrances were nice touches, just switch around the acoustic melody itself a little.

The solos were also a bit monotone. There wasn't really anything interesting there. You should add in some variations on the licks. In bars 61 and 62, that pentatonic pattern got annoying. You should add in some cool bends or little fast licks there to grab peoples attention, just so they don't get bored. Also use some notes out of the Em scale instead of straight pentatonic stuff. The results can sound really good.

Also on the outro solo, you should try to make a different background rhythm, just because your riffs throughout the song are so similar to it. Just put in some simple chord progressions using power chords, and lay down a melodic outro solo. If not that, then just make the the tempo change faster with quicker P.M. notes or faster drums, then add in a fast riff, then put in a badass solo, so that after the end of the song, people will say "wow, that was amazing!"

Anyways, I wasn't trying to be rude or anything, I'm just giving you my opinion to help you write a kickass song. As for right now the song gets a 7/10, but it's got good potential to become better then that.

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^ Thanks for the crit my friend, i know what your saying, i want to be writing stuff with more melodi riffs like little melodies throughout with harmonies and whatever but i just cant think of anythin at the minute, so im goin of to playing more of my favourite shredders songs to get some ideas, maybe somethin will spark, currently learning Far Beyond teh Sun and Glasgow Kiss now theyre great songs.
I guess I'm alone on this, but I really liked the intro. But as for the riffs...they were cool, but definitely became repetative. I really liked the solos though. It did sound Maiden-esque as said before whether or not you were aiming for that effect.

I'd have to give it a 7/10 for now at least
I like this song very much, 8/10. Cool Riffs, loved the intro. BTW thanks for the crit on my song, it is an intstrumental so I am not going to structure it more, but I agree about the first solo being rather unmelodic.
Much Thanks and your songs are awesome!