I have started a few threads about this but its driving me crazy. I got a HW1 tele beacause i loved the way it fealt and i knew it was something that would last me possibly into my college years (im 15). But the twangy tone is really annoying and i hate it. i have been thinking about trading it it for a mexican '72 custom
but i dont think it will last as long as the H1. I play mostly punk, garage rock, and classic rock and i need the warm thick tone of a les paul but i hate the feel of them. Another option would be to get a G 400 but ive heard the pickups short out. the third option would be to put some Hotrails into my tele but i dont know if those are as thiick as real humbuckers. so does any1 know of a guitar no more then 750 dollars that has the Rich tone of a gibson that will last me a long time.
Look into the Schecter Classic or the Elite man. Might be right up your street. The neck's a cross between a Fender and a Gibson, try it out and see what you think.
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Buying another Tele would be another mistake....all Teles have that traditional twang to them...it's what they're known for. You should have played the thing before you bought one in the first place.

I highly recommend the Ibanez SZ....amazing guitars for the money.
Yea but i like the feel of teles better than anyything and i dont midn the twang i just wanna be able to have the option of not having it and single coils are way to thin to do that. Are Ibanez SZs as reliable as teles beacause the thing i love about fender is the great quality control and reliability.
Dude why not just change the pickups? You don't need a whole new guitar if you like the feel of you H1. Plus they have HSH routing so you can put buckers in it.
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I would go with the Ibanez SZ.

tele's a good guitar though, just bought one, the twang's a good thing when you're playing the right styles.

Schecter's another way to go.
would a schecter c1 or c1 classic or an sz really be as good though, i just need something that will not only give me a thick tone but will last me through years and years. The tele i have is made in america and is made from great materials.
A Fender HH Telecaster, I have one and I love it, it has coil tap, so it ends up being really versatile.
The tele should be already routed for a neck humbucker, so that is an option, and you can just get a new stacked bridge pickup. I've heard that Hot Rails are really thin and sterile sounding, so you might want to look into other pickups unless you're sure it's the exact sound you want.
Just throw in a single-sized humbucker.
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