"Cadences are 2 chord movements that distinctly identify the characteristics of the key you're in.

They are:
V-I -- The authentic cadence, which is further divided by perfect and imperfect. An imperfect authentic cadence is any V-I movement where either chord is in an inversion *OR* the root of the I chord is not in the highest voicing of the final chord. A perfect authentic cadence is where both V and I are in root position, and the I has the root doubled in the highest voicing." -Corwinoid

What is the "root position"?
And "doubled in the highest voicing"?

I've been trying to understand cadences but in just not getting it
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I believe i believe root position means where the root of the chord is the lowest note of the voicing.
Take V-I in C
V = G B D
I = C E G
both chords are in root position. You would play it with G in the bass of the chord and then C