hey guys

as the title pretty much gives it away, i am hoping to get a roland cube 60 at the weekend, and was hoping if some one would please tell me if it is worth the money, also i am in a band, so will it be loud enough, we play mostly at small venues

first of all 60 watt is really loud i believe. well i have the cube and i love it. tell us what kind of music you play n stuff. at least i know it is really good for all sorts of metal
It probably will be I have a 30 and it's really loud. I don't like them at higher volume levels though they sound really thin so I'm not sure if it would be a great gig amp. I love it for a practice amp though.

Save up and get a decent tube amp if your going to gig, you'll thank yourself in the long run.
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cheers m8, i play loads of different styles of music, mainly blues and classic rock, but we do go into stuff like metal, heavy rock, jazz, etc
I have the 60...and it's nuts.
Amazing Metal tones, it'll do Blues and Jazz I'm sure with personal tweaking. I worship this amp and it is LOOOUD.
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i have a 60 and its sweet. great for classic rock. the clean channel is as good as any 60W SS and some of the amp models and effects are nice too. its loud enough for decent sized gigs, anything bigger will have a PA system so it dosent matter. the BOSS footswitches that is says you should get with it are shit and overpriced. get some cheapo 'momentary push to break' switches (as i was advised) and this will fullfill your needs (if you want footswitches).

EDIT: i got mine delivered within 2 days of purchase for £158
cheers people, i think by what everyone has said, i will get one of these

it is really great- my mate has one and he hooked it up to a marshall cab for his band's gig and it sounded great (even though it was an AVT cab)
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