If you happen to be a tokai user (like me) i want you to prove to me and anyone else that the tokais are good!
They are lush. I havent got one, but im saving up for one
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I own NALS-45 Love Rock.

Body: Mahogony w/ plain maple top
Finish: Transperant Midnight Blue
Binding: Cream binding+cream pickguard
Set Neck
Neck: Canadian rock Maple w/ bound rosewood fingerboard
Inlays: Mother of Pearl trapazoid inlays
Nut: 1 5/8" real bone
Pickups: PAF styled Alnico Humbucker
Tune-O-Matic bridge w/ stoptail piece.
Tuners: Kluson styled machine heads.

I will never get rid of this guitar, it's built so well. I went into the music store to buy a Gibson and ended up trying this one and buying it on the spot.
I don't have one but am considering getting a Love Rock as frankly, it was the best playing LP I've played without spending 2 grand. It was 300 quid and was beautiful, total bargain.
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I dont own one but ive tried one, it was a Les Paul Goldtop, really nice guitar, quite expensive thought.
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i have a Tokai japanese 50's reissue strat and it is the shiznit. Not sure about the specs, though its a bolt on maple neck and fingerboard, 3pc body and then the usual strat doohickeys.
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well, that changes EVERYTHING!!!
"the OLD tokai's are good, the new ones are terrible,"

Mine is made in 2003, you won't find a gibson les paul to match this guitar under $2000 and I paid considerably less than that.
Anyone have any pics of their Tokai's?
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It depends on the model, I think the Love Rock is very nice, I'd easily take one over an Epi LP. There's no way to "prove" a guitar is good on an internet forum though. It's largely a matter of personal preference.
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I own a Love Rock. Best. Deal. Ever. Way better than the Epi, and it rivals the Gibson. And mine was only $500!

Tokai Love Rock

There's a picture.
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