I know it's been posted and discussed a thousand times before, so I'll try not to repeat the same questions. Here's my dillema:

I currently have a Taylor 310ce and a Martin D-16GTE at my home on a 30-Day Trial. I have to choose one. I can't choose one. This is so hard.

I'm well aware that they are both great, high-quality guitars and that I really can't go wrong with either one. I'm also well aware that they have very different tones and that I have to let my ears and hands tell me which is the right one for me. However, I'm switching teams everyday here.

In terms of tone, I'm leaning more towards the Martin. But in terms of playability, Taylor's got it.
So, I guess what I'm saying is that when I play the Taylor, I miss the tone of the Martin, and when I play the Martin, I miss the playability of the Taylor.

I just feel that whichever I decide to keep, there's going to be something I'm going to miss. Which would I end up missing more?

Ugh. ANY advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. - The action of the Martin is a bit higher than that of the Taylor. Would a setup and action adjustment on the Martin help make the playability more comparable to the Taylor?
meh...thats kinda hard...I would keep the taylor though
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If you lower the action, it should be more playable, but you might lose a little tone and volume. I'd keep the Martin.

But you could keep both?
As much as I'd love to, I'm definitely not able to keep both. I agree that the Taylor is retardedly easy to play. I've played a lot of brands in my hunt and nothing has played like the Taylor. However, the Martin comes in a relatively close second place for playability. I just think I'm more likely to grow accostumed to the way the Martin plays than I am to the tone of the Taylor.

In other words: Today, I'm on the Martin team. I don't think I can let go of that tone.
We'll see what tomorrow holds.
for me tone is more important than playability when comparing two guitars of this caliber. you said yourself, it's not like the martin has poor playability. the martin has excellent playability, it's just that the taylor is superb. lowering the action a bit on the martin will help you to achieve a little better playability. there really isn't anything you can do to improve the tone of the taylor. the only factor that would raise question in my own mind would be the pickup systems. taylor's expression system is amazing... even still, i'd stick with the martin because you (and i) think it sounds better unplugged, and hey it is an acoustic guitar
i'm a taylor fan but i'd have to say stick with the martin.
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I say martin. The tone will always be what it is. Playability on the other hand is something that can be adjusted somewhat and something you will adapt too.
Get the guitar that sounds the best. Then take it to a luthier to have a pro setup and fret job. Almost all new guitars have compromised playability and need fretjobs.
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playability can be adjusted and fixed, tone can't. go with the martin.