So i just cam across these guys today and wow, Vocals arnt the best but those licks are mean. Deffinitly one of my fav newer bands. check em out if you havnt before thay have some mean shit.
Manticora are AWESOME!

I'm picky about power metal, but they're certainly one of my favourites.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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I wasn't overly impressed by their latest album, but i thouroughly enjoyed 8 Deadly Sins. Very thrashy, very heavy, great riffs everywhere .
I love them. Even thoughI have trouble getting into their albums (except Hyperion), they really are unique and I love that sound.
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What you on fool?? The vocals are awesome.

And yeah, really good band. One of my faves. Really unique.

Darkness With Tales to Tell is definately my favourite.
Manticora are probably one of my favorite power metal bands.

8 Deadly Sins and Hyperion are class albums.

EDIT: I disagree about the vocals, Larsen is a superb vocalist.
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I just got 8 Deadly Sins. Holy sh*t, that is one beast of an album. Great solos and riffing.

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