I need to find 3 songs for a class based on these themes: confession, lament, praise(to anything), nature, or giving thanks. Anyway i needed help picking them. I wanted one really heavy one b/c most people in there are your stereotypical christians (its a bible as lit class) and i wanna shock them, one Bob Dylan or Neil Young song b/c they own, then possibly a Rush or Yes song. Anyway i mostly need help on the heavy one because i listen to very little music like that. Also its 3 total, not three per theme. Thanks.
3 words: Nine inch nails
Underoath - Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape

*browses iTunes library*

Skillet ~ Forsaken

Rhapsody (of Fire) ~ Lamento Eroico (means Heroic Lament)

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3 words: Nine inch nails

Yes, particularly the song Heresy...that should go down nicely
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