My a couple of my friends and I have been looking to start recording and i know nothing about recorders or anything. I am looking into getting the TASCAM Porta02mkII package ( http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Tascam-Porta02mkII-StartUp-Package?sku=240987 ) and i was wondering is once you record stuff on this if can you transfer it onto your computer onto a MySpace.
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no, it's tape only. If you wanna transfer to your computer, you'll need a digital recorder.
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That thing records onto tape...so I don't think you could directly. You could get a digital one. They cost a bit more, but they sound a whole lot better, and you can edit them digitally afterwards.
and you'd be surprised how limiting 4 tracks can be. if i were you i'd consider saving up and getting something a little more expensive.