I'm trying to acheive the perfect clean tone through my amp. it sounds a little on the muddy side, but i dont think its the amp, i think its because i dont know what the hell im doing when it comes to EQ settings.

Thats my front panel. i dont know which of anything to use or set it on. any help?

Im trying to get a good tone so that my distortion doesnt sound so muddy (which is my amp already.) By the way the Amp is a tube 100W combo Peavey Heritage VTX and im running a modded MT-2 through it with my Cort EVL-Z6. that being said (about the cort) i know the EMGs (81b - 60n) arent going to get me the greatest clean, but ive heard the 60 is as close as a clean you'll get from and active set of EMGs.

Thanks so much for any help.
Neck pickup, treble high, mids medium, same with bass.

Or start all EQ settings at 5 and work from there.
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Firstly, active EMGs don't have a bad clean tone. That's a pretty misguided statement that people like to run around flaunting...

Second, the 60 in the neck position IS the cleanest pickup you'll get for an active EMG HUMBUCKER

If you're going for clean tones, plug your guitar into the LO/LOW input.
As far as settings go..

On your lowest gain channel you should try keeping the gain down until right before where it 'breaks up' and starts to distort. Then, turn all the EQ knobs for that channel (except mid frequency, leave it at 6 or 7) to 5.

Then, work with it until you have the tone you desire. Generally for cleans you want to keep the EQ flat. I usually cut the mids alittle with more bass than treble so its usually like Bass: 6 mids: 4 treble: 5
Ok thanks everyone. i never realized how big of a difference the input jacks on the amp made. with my other guitars (with stock pickups) there was really not much of a difference. but the emgs are pretty sweet. one last question. the volume settings. what should i generally have them at to play loud enough to be heard across a room, but not loud enough to piss off my mum? I usually have both knobs (pre and post gain) at the 2 position, with the knob on the left pulled so its set to 'bright'
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The post volume is the volume for the channel. (So if your clean tone is quieter than your distortion, you can turn your clean up to match it)

The pre-volume is the gain.

The master volume is the overall volume for the amplifier.

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