What type of guitar?

Posting pics helps too.
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well first you are going to need to find a hammer, chisel, and a crowbar...

I kid, all you should need is a screwdriver and a pair of wirecutters.

Start by removing the strings (of course). then if it is a strat style guitar, you just take off the pickguard by unscrewing all of the screws around the edge. the pickups are attached to the pickguard so they should come out when you take off the pickguard. then either cut or desolder the wires running to the jack and everything should be able to come off.

on a les paul style guitar (rear route) i THINK you just have to take off the pickup rings. the screws on each corner of the ring should hold the whole thing down, and the ones on the sides in the middle hold the pickup to the ring (dont quote me on this, im havent done it myself). then of course you have to get the wires unattached so you can take the pickup out, again with wire cutters or a soldering iron.

specify the type of guitar and someone can give you a bit more specific help.
^ lol at hammer and crowbar.

if you're a lazy git, you can sometimes get them out without taking off the strings, it's not recommended though, you could damage them (even I'm not that lazy).

and yeah, I think you're right about the LP... i don't have a LP, but I have rear route guitars, the rings take everything you need out (other than cutting/desoldering, as you've said).

if you have a single coil in a rear-route guitar (e.g. ibanez rg), it'll just come out with the screws at either side, and again cut or desolder the wires.

beware of cutting willy-nilly, though- some companies (I think bareknuckle come to mind) void the lifetime warranty if you cut rather than desolder.
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for a strat u need to take off the guard.

leave the knobs on, unless u plan on changing the guard too. remove the outermost screws, after taking off the strings. the bridge will relax a little, and the guard will still be attached by the grounding and input wires.

ur going to want to desoler, as alot of times the wires will get too short if cut.
ull want the extra slack.

this is a pic of my strat guard, taken off and flipped upsidedown.

i just put a hotrails in the bridge

here is a SD video how to install. he goes pretty fast, but it's an idea.

also leave the two screws next to the switch alone, that hold the switch onto the guard.

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