yh erm im looking for a drumer and rythem/ lead guitarist in essex that has been playing for atleast 1/2 a year and must be atleast 14 erm yh so the bands music will vary from punk, indie, heavy metal, emo etc
so if you can help please do erm yh here is my email barbieman642@aol.com
if you have any info mail me !!!

toodles!! x
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u gotta be more specific on what YOU want the genre to be. if you just say yeh wotever nobody will ever be interested or take your band seriously. i too am looking for a band but i am more specific and say what bands music i play and am into.
pm me and tell me what bands you like and what gear you have because i too live in essex.
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Where in Essex exactly? Anywhere near Colchester?
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