I found this quite funny. Its from off another forum. Somewhat crude, yet apt.

ets see:

1. Free healthcare

2. Here in the UK, cops don't really give a **** if they see you smoking weed in the street. Not unless you're selling it or giving it to children...

3. American TV sucks. The 'comedy shows' are awful. Absolute shit.

4. McDonalds. Need I say more?

5. The rest of the world actually likes us, unlike US, where not even your closest war buddy, us, the UK like you.

6. September 11th. You guys got ****ing pwnt.

7. Your accents are retarded. You sound like a bunch of demented owls being ****ed up the arse by a gang on redneck faggots.

8. Speeking of rednecks, you still haven't sorted out that trailer trash problem?

9. There's a gang on ******s with guns on every street corner. I'm glad I can walk around the street without the risk of being shot.

10. American Football? You ****ing pansies...

11. The only sport you are even mildly good at is basketball, and all those players are nigras.

12. The World Series? Only America play in it, WTF?

13. The American Dollar sucks ****. Useless, weak ugly currency.

14. You cocksuckers never landed on the moon, you bunch of ****ing bullshitters.

15. Kennedy got pwnt.

16. So did that other guy...

17. You thought you won WW2, even though you only stepped in at the last moment in hopes of scoring chocolate and nylons from the UK.

18. You were taken by suprise when Pearl Harbour was bombed, 2 years into a World War.

19. You messed up the English language and call things in a retarded way.

20. You're shit scared of getting bombz0r3d by other contries that hate you and so you surround yourselves with nuclear warheads and try to act tough, even though you would never use them if you have to.

21. You still haven't managed to find a bearded towel head that lives in a cave with his pet goat and 'army' of about 10 people.

(these arent my views exactly; similar, but not quite that extreme)
This is pretty extreme. Some people will get offended for sure.

EDI:Oh and

21. You still haven't managed to find a bearded towel head that lives in a cave with his pet goat and 'army' of about 10 people.

Neither have the U.K.
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Accents on their own are enough to swing the scale.
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roflmfao that is one hell of a list, but dude, prepare for some flamage, unless some people have some sense of humility on here.
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No... Herman Li's just really good...

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some of those are true, some are just plain stupid, and some just don't make sense and just are stereotyping bullshit.
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