Alright, I have a classical guitar, and I'm trying to change the high E string. I've done this twice before and had no problem. However, now whenever I wind it around the peg, and begin to tighten it, once it gets to a certain tension, it doesn't "catch", and the whole thing pops out. Is it due to the order I'm changing them in or something? I changed my B string just last night and had no problem, and am still trying to change my E, but it keeps popping out. Is there some way to wind the string around the peg differently or something, so it'll stay? I'm at a loss, thanks so much for any help you can give.
It pops out of the tuner post, I presume? It'll be alright then if you tie a flat knot underneath the first winding. It won't win you an award, but as long as you have enough length left for at least five loops around the post there will hardly be any risk of string breakage at the knot. It's not an uncommon problem. Nylon is a material often used in engineering for it's slippery properties, while a string holding around a tuner is supposed to do this by friction. That this doesn't work sometimes is to be expected.