can you tell me real qquick what order i put these pedals in without a go to google please

sonic stomp


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wah -> distortion -> fuzz -> reverb -> sonic stomp

Octave can go before or after distortion/fuzz but before reverb it just depends on what kind of sound you want.

Same with the EQ, but you should probably put it before distortion and use to shape the signal before clipping.

Obviously the pedals will appear in reverse order since the signal path will go <--- way.
i've never had a very complicated pedal set up. i usually run a distortion pedal & a chorus/flanger, &, on rare occasion a wah. but, based on my friends setup, i would recomend that you put either the octave or the wah on the far left, the distortion second. which ever one you don't put on the far left, put on the far right. the rest of the pedals, it all depends on your system of using them. so besides my idea, i would say, just experiment with the order untill you find a setup that is comfortable to you.
I had a wah in my chain but the damn thing was draining everything of tone. But I agree with JohnnyLovesYou. That order looks good.
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Whatever sounds best to you. There's no official order your pedals have to go in. Most people put their distortions after their wahs but I put mine before. It's all just personal prefrence.

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Quote by tortillamaster
can you tell me real qquick what order i put these pedals in without a go to google please

sonic stomp


Guitar > Octave > Wah > Dist > Fuzz > Reverb > Sonic Stomp > Amp

i didn't include the EQ because i don't know what you're wanting to do with it. do you want it to shape the fuzz sound? the overall tone of the signal? these things will affect where you should put it. also, in a perfect world, you should put the Sonic Stomp in the effects loop of your amp (if you have one) and have it on all the time.

as a general rule for myself, i usually stack any gain boxes from least-heavy to most-heavy, so the distro goes before the fuzz. i'd also put the octave absolutely first so it can track a completely unaffected signal.
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