i generally just get the normal guage strings when i buy strings. does it matter? Will a bigger guage of strings make my bass sound lower? please give me some answers.
it's just down to personal preference, if you really want to no the details just researh it on the internet
i use ernie ball hybrid slinkys, if you dont know what the differences are, you wont be able to tell and might as well get the regular slinky strings
Thicker strings are definitely louder. Try tuning your D string up to G if you're brave and compare the volumes between the two.

You can, however, tune thick strings lower and have them remain true.
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It's a matter of personal preference - try out loads of different brands and guages and decide on what suits your preferences and playing style best. I use Ernie Ball Hybird Slinkies - that's a 45 65 85 105 set. But you may prefer Power Slinkies, Super Slinkies, or D'Arrioes (sp?), Rotosounds (if you have no feeling at all in your fingertips), Fender strings etc. It's up to you and what you like to play with.
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Thicker strings are better for playing in dropped tunings, or you could be hardcore like me and keep a set of 55-110s tuned standard. It definitely feels like you strung your bass with cables, and I love it.
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I like thicker strings. It gives a bit more presence when I play.
I have Flatwound 50, 75, 95, 110 (Steve Harris signature to be exact) and they sound lovely.
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Its all preference, and for me it depends on the bass. On the P-Bass knock off I have GHS Inifinities, which run 44 - 106. But I didn't like them on the Ibanez. On that bass I really like the gauge on the EB Hybrids or the medium gauge DRs.
I use 40-100 (DR High-Beams or D'addario Pro Steels) on stingray, meaning i can get the really bright sound if I want, but can equally control it, so i can still play mellow.

Have found that you may have to angle the pickup to be closer to the G though, for volume purposes.
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Will a bigger guage of strings make my bass sound lower?

yes. That's why a bass sounds deeper than a guitar if it's playing the same note and in the same amp in the first place. The strings.

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