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Ok, I mad the backing track (drum's bass and backing are done in Guitar Pro) to this a while ago but I haven't go round to recording it for a while. It's 7 minutes long so don't feel obliged to listen to the whole thing if you don't want to, just comment on hatever bit youe heard.

My lead playing, as always, is messy, I've been experimenting with some legato so there are some fast sound licks in there.

I have been having some problems with tuning during this as well, I think my tuner diasagrees with the backing, or it might be my guitar. Soryy if this is the case.

There is also a tapping bit right at the end which I think is cool

-Here are the song's stages:

-Intro and verses/solo

-Interlude with swirling effects

-VERY Pink Floyd slightly funky part

-Fast minor-key blues progression, with solo. Can't remeber why I put this in but meh.

-Verses and solo as before


This is my most extensive and "grand" project to date, there are about 12 different guitar parts, although not all at once. Its taken me a while!

I will crit anyone elses in return, just leave me a link

Thanks, Sam


the track is called "The Wound Of Knowledge"
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Sorry, but I'm having "technical difficulties" with dmusic. the track will be there soon


EDIT: OK, it's all there. Comment away!
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Hmmm..... the intro sounds slightly maiden-ish because of the bass... The bass becomes overwhelming at times though. You have some pretty nice guitarwork, fast but not shreddy, and the drums are very nice too.

Good one!

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This is pretty neat, sounds like lots of different influences. At 3:00 it starts reminding me of something off Floyd's "Animals".

I personally dont like the intro (first minute), it does kind of sound cheesy and cliché.After 1;00 it takes off for me, especially with that sweet lead guitar work, although I wish the lead guitar was turned up slightly.

The ending is pretty well done Id have to say. give that a crit if you have time?

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Check it out
pretty sweet, the guitar is a bit loud in the mix. drums need to be louder. i like hte funky bit

thanks for the crit.
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Sweet stuff.

Love it . Nice solos. The influences were obvious . Definatly pink floydish

Allthough it could use some better mixing.
thanks for the crit

got a really awesome epic sound to it
i like your lead tone but like some people said you could mix it better in some parts
a lot of parts where i can definitely hear the pink floyd influence - i really like it

overall its awesome
Yeah, I'm thinking this is pretty epic, and as has been said the late-period Floyd influence is very evident.

The bit around 2:00 with the keyboard swirls and the quiet arpeggios is just great. It totally felt like it was off The Wall. I was impressed. The part around 3:30 with the sudden pickup and guitar solo was totally unexpected and awesome.

The cheesy drums kill me though. They detract so much from the grandeur and majesty and awesomeness of the piece. Seriously, the drums kill the vibe like nothing else.

Also, your outro tapping solo was niiice.

If you feel like critting back -
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this is very, very awesome. i cant believe the time/effort you must have had to put into this thing for it to come out like this. you really are laying down some pretty impressive lead work here. i thought some mad harmonies around 4:30 wouldve been nice, but thats just me. great work, keep it up. mind critting mine?
Dude, awesome. If Dream Theater, Rush, and Pink Floyd had a baby, this would be their kid.
Thanks for the crit. The song was recorded nicely. It sounds really good and I like all the different styles used in it. The swirlin parts it in were nice.
sounds really good. Not my particular kind of music, but its still sounds very good. Very well composed. The leads were very fitting and played very nicely. I really liked the ending too. Good Job.
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Wow, I really am impressed, sounds like it was a big project. Some of the part sounded a lot like Muse to be honest, as well as Pink Floyd - and that is definitely a compliment. Thanks for the crit.
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Dude, awesome. If Dream Theater, Rush, and Pink Floyd had a baby, this would be their kid.

Thanks, I'm contemplating sigging that!

And thanks for the crits eveyone
Like it. Guitar work is pretty cool and fits the song. Like the slowed down part starting at 2min. Kind of just comes right out of it back into fast though. Would have liked more of a buildup to that point. Really like how it comes to a close last minute or so is very cool. SOng is very Rush/Pink Floydish. Good job.
Thanks for the crit

Pretty good dude, im lovin it. What did you use to record? Because mine sounded so bad.?
Holy crap, this is good. Amazing recording qaulity. Great sound, great riffs, and pretty much epic overall. I agree with the majority of this thread, basically. This is GREAT. I really dig the Pink Floyd Esque section.
Good production! I like your tone. The drums are a bit thin and sound artificial. Rhythm playing is very solid, the harmonizing is great.
Your lead tone is very Maiden-ish indeed. The phaser-part in the middle is cool, too! The whole song is a tad repetitive, I suggest you get some vox done on it.
Otherwise, it's great, good solo shredding, too! Lead guitar at 50:10 semms slightly out of tune.

Overall, awesome job, superb quality.

Here's mine:
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Thanks for the crit

Pretty good dude, im lovin it. What did you use to record? Because mine sounded so bad.?

I use my Multi-fx pedal straight into a Marshall MG30DFX, then line out from the marshall to my computers stock soundcard's line-in (so no micing involved). I use Audacity to record.

When you look at it you would think it would sound terrible, but, well, judge the results for yourself but I don't think it sounded half bad.

All the synths/drums/bass were made on guitar pro 5 then exported
Pretty impressive man...

just killer tone and skills!

though the drums I think are too worked out on the cymbals and stuff but other
than that it's one of the most impressive of all the recordings I've heard...

Dude this song is ****ing sweet, nice shredding and everything . It has a really cool feel to it. Its pretty long but doesnt get borign or anything, Ive just been typing and listening to it and I almost forgot what I was listening to, it sounds just like alot of the stuff Id listen to regularily. good job, thanks for the crit
hey, thanks for the crit

Not really my style but i enjoyed listening to it nonetheless.
Like someone said before, it's a long song but doesn't get boring;
You change the pace of the song quite a bit.
You definitely spent a lot of time on this song and it shows.
The quality of the recording is right on, with the drums being a little thinned out, but I don't think it takes away from the song that much if at all
I'm going to try to focus on the few bad parts, since so much of it is so good. If I don't comment on something, that means that it was awesome

Intro was a bit cheesy, but that's not too big of a deal

The mixing job isn't very good, at points it just sounds like a mess of sound. Pull back the levels on some of the instruments, especially the synth/keyboard

Your guitar tone is pretty good, but it sounds very processed. Some of the parts were sloppy too.

All in all, this is something you should be very, very proud of. This song is greater than the sum of its parts, you really pulled it off well.
Thanks for the crit.

I think you have done a really good job, I really like the guitar parts they are very nice. But sometimes there are to much keyboard, and I dont really like that very much, but you have done a great job on the bass in my opinion.

Oh... And sometimes there are so many things going around, it sounds a little bit messy, but only a little...
I must confess all I did was the guitar. The drums and bass were done on guitar pro, so were all the synths etc. I probably could have easily played them on my keyboard but it is much more convenient to program them.
Sounds nice man, nice composition here!

Would improve from all real instruments...maybe EZDrummer?!?! lol I just love that program.

Thanks for the Crit
thanks for the crit on the Great Big Sea i already critted yours a couple of days ago
Very nice songwriting at work here. I can tell what you mean about messy lead though, but I'm not one to talk really :P

All I can say is that I thought the goodness of the sound was getting slightly lost in all the stuff going on in the first couple of minutes, seemed like it needed more focus. I like the way the instrumentation builds up, it just seems to become too much, and similarly around 4 minutes. The song seems slightly messy and unrefined, basically.

Are you thinking of adding vocals? Because that would be pretty awesome.

Keep it up though dude, this is a great song
I agree the drums should be louder. Very maidenish from the beginning. I like your use of the whammy bar. Your lead work is very nice, gives flavor to the song without really taking away from the other parts of the song. Very eerie later on, what are those effects?

Overall, great song dude.
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I really don't normally listen to music like this, not really my thing, but I still enjoyed it.

I think for some of the equipment you have used you have managed to get some good tone although it sounds out of tune at around 5 mins. The playing quality is great if a little sloppy in places but the odd sloppy bit takes nothing away from the talent that is obviously there. The synths get a little too loud in places making it overwhelm the overall sound at times, so epic it just becomes a mush.

I think it is all sounding good, if you played some sections slightly more fluently and had an actual drummer recorded it would sound extremely professional. I'm not entirley sure if it needs vocals or not.

If you could crit me back I reckon I could get my other bandmates to crit you too -

A very good job overall.
Thanks, and to November Rain - For the effects, I gradually opened and closed my wah pedal to make the swelling sound, and this was on top of a moderately fast phaser to make the swirling sound. Also a little bit of reverse dealy to add another dimension to the sound and make it more spacey. There was also a similar guitar played higher up.
I really liked this song all throughout. To be a seven minute song, it really passed rather quickly. It held my attention well... which I consider to be the mark of a good song. I think David Gilmour would dig this, his influence is pretty evident and you further that awesome style with your own flourishes as well.

Man it's amazing! Though you should lower a bit the volume of the bass.
The intro (until 1:50) sounds VERY 80's (and that's very good )
The part after that, really sounds Pink Floydish.
Don't know how to catalog the part in which you start shredding but that's very good.
The part around 4:30, sounds really nice with the mix of the powerchords and the keyboard in the background (or whatever it's).
Also, the solo after the tapping sounds really maidenish

I'm putting it in my MP3 player

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