Hello, lovelies.

I've been given the go ahead to conduct contests centered around a particular genre of music, rather than a theme or concept. My thought process with this is...

I think it would give those of us a chance who don't write in a style appealing to the younger set around here a chance to shine

It would give those who've never given this genre a thought to find out that they may have a knack for something they never thought they would.

In honor of the fact that we may not have had the British Invasion here in the states had the bluesmen of the South not toured Europe and the UK, the maiden voyage for this contest set will center around:


Blues songs are simple and heartfelt, but not always sad. Follow your nose here for an idea of what blues songs look like.


The Rules:

1. All work must be original. (I have ways of finding out if they aren't.)

2. Your song must be PM'd to me by midnight on March 20th.

3. After that date, all songs will be posted and voted upon. I'll determine whether preliminary rounds, semi-finals, and finals will be necessary depending on response.

4. All UG members may enter, one talented Songwriter leaves.

5. Taking the midnight train, days spent standing at the crossroads, and nights spent drinking your bad love away are carried out at the songwriter's risk and you agree to hold UG harmless for the loss of your soul in any dealings with the Devil when PM'ing me your song.


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