On my 12 string there's a tuner that won't tune the damn string and it's frustrating. I twist it to tighten it up and the strings pitch goes up and then straight back down. Any ideas on what the problem is or how to fix it?
are they low quality or brand new strings?

do the tuners suck?
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The string may have come out of the tuner hole, and the tension holds it to a certain extent, and then slips. I presume it is the high G string, though I may be wrong (I've had the high G slip on me before when it's come out of the tuner hole and I haven't noticed).
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I fixed it. Thanks but you were all wrong. I had twisted the string when I put in my bridge pins and it had come out of a notch in the bridge. It's hard to explain
Not putting the strings in correctly is the number 1 reason for tuning problems. It sounds like it still might be in wrong though. When your guitar is properly strung up, you should be able to take the bridge pins out without detuning the guitar. Check out this tutorial about installing strings. Even if you are putting your strings on correctly, this can still be informative.

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