Hey guys, been listening to The Darkness a lot lately (too bad they broke up) but I was wondering if anybody knew of a pedal that could produce the Lo-Fi effect in the intro to "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" or maybe it was a studio effect? Anybody?
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I love that song, and if they did it in studio they probably used a bandpass filter on that bit. I've never tried any kind of lo-fi pedal but they sound like they would work based on the name alone, you'd have to try one. You could also try turning your mids all the way up and your treble and bass to zero to get that kind of sound.
Actually I just tried it and treble all the way up, bass 0, and mids 0 with some tone on my guitar rolled off sounds pretty close to the intro.
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if you take an equalizer pedal, say the danelectro fish and chips, and cut all frequencies except for one middle frequency and boost it all the way up, you get a cool lo fi sound.
IF I recall...and thats a mighty big If. The intro doesn't have a lo-fi effect it's just the way the guitar is EQ'd in the Studio Mix. The whole thing sounds fuller when all the intruments are playing but when the guitar is on it's own at the start it sounds thin, but thats just the way it's EQ'd
Yeah the thing is that it's just one guitar playing, instead of two guitars, plus that there are no other instruments playing on the intro.
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