Ok so im 17 and been playing for 2 month, i've been sorta teaching myself and i was wondering if i could master a guitar by myself? i know some chords and bits of songs already. I don't know anyone who could teach me to play and i cant find lessons anywhere in my area. could i do it myself?
Yup. I did (not that that is anything to compare to though), but it's quite managable. You just have to be determined. A lot of famous guitarist have taught themselves;
- Slash
And AFAIK, both Dimebag Darrel and Zakk Wylde are selftaught. (Wylde has been quoted on "playing up to 12 hours a day" when he was a kid).
Kirk Hammett also played for several years before taking lessons from Satriani.
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Well, it is possible for you to become a really decent guitar player on your own. Hendrix never had lessons, he just watched and learned from people around him. Read the right books and understand certain concepts and you could be really good.... but 'maser' it... I dont think thats plausible without lessons. I'm sure it happens, but the odds are against it. So, take it how you want lol.
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TS, I recommend getting lessons for at least a year, it's much easier to lose interest and quit without them, and you can develop bad habits that noone will tell you to stop.
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you can never master the guitar, any guitar player will tell you that, slash, clapton, page, hendrix, vai, they'll all say the same thing, there will always be something new to learn, you always be able to improve, but you can become pretty ****in good at it
You can teach yourself, per say, but whether by tabs, internet lessons, or anything like that, you are in some way getting help from people.

I highly reccomend watching Melodic Control on google video (search it), also the Shred Masterclass videos here on UG's column section.