Story dubliners whats the craic?
Sorry if this is a bit silly, but have any of you noticed anytime when a homeless person or a beggar comes up to you in Dublin city, they ALWAYS ask for TWO EURO. I go to college in the centre of Dublin, and usually used go round the area before lectures and see if I could get some food for homeless people or give them some money. But when I offered a homeless man a total of €1.70 the other day (I think, it was all i had left in my pocket at the time), he asked: "Is da two euro??", "No its around one fifty I said", "Ah ya can keep that then" he replied.
I was shocked , and slightly amused.
This has happened to all of my friends as well, can anyone shed any light on €2?
UG Irish Clan: Póg mo thóin

Guitar requires (TIME)(MONEY)
but "time is money"
Guitar = (MONEY)(MONEY)
but money is the root of al evil today
Guitars = (THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL TODAY)squared!

Just kidding guitars rule
No-one (or very few) will give them notes
Its the largest sum available in single coinage
Off-Licenses (or "coffee-shops" as they call them), dont want tons of change dumped on their counter
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