Before I start, don't bother posting if your going to reply "y0 $3Ll thT sH1R!!!!11!1!!!!2". Or something to that effect. I like this Guitar but I'm not sure if I'm getting all I can out of it.

I have a Dean Razorback Explosion, and I just want to know, what are the best pickups for rock/metal I can put in it, and can I change the LFR to an OFR? Some say you can and some say you can't.

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For more metal, check out some EMGs or maybe get the Bill Lawrence L500XL that Dime used. And Im pretty sure you can change out the LFR, but I hear that the one on the Razorbacks are quite high quality anyway.
i pretty shure u can change to an original and for pickups i have sd livewire dave mustaine signature pickups and they sound amazin......send pearly gates and dime bucker to me if u dont like em
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oh god thank god its just pickups, i thoght u were thinking abut refinsihing or cuitting bits of it!!!, i would say EMG's though for metal... if thats whatu want, considering u have a razorback i would have thought so!
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well, emgs are great if you want a good sound that sounds like everyone else!!
but dude, you can most definately go with an original FL. I would love to have an OFL on my own guitar...
i dont know what you said in your 1337 speak, but you will most likely be better off selling it, and get a washburn dime3 model. USA made, Schaller trem, loaded with a BL X-500L or whatever he used. be cheaper most likely.

but i hated the trems on the razorbacks ive played, stiff, and it didnt come back to zero point on the non MIA models
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