Is this an upgrade? I love the PRS and all, but I hate the thin-sounding pickups, and have been thinking about finding a new guitar to trade it in for. I found this discontinued Parker model at a local music store for $549, which is about $300 less than what they went for new. I was amazed by the array of sounds and tones I got just through a clean Fender in the store, and I can't imagine what more it will be able to do with my effects. What does everyone here think?
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Parkers are amazing guitars, and I'd hop all over that guitar for that price.
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Parkers are great, But they're very psuedo. The guy who made them did so in a weird way, One - The finish is what holds that guitar together. Two - The woods are light, Resonate basswoods and alders, And lately I believe NATO. What you get is a synthetic/natural guitar with great electronics and a tone very distinct to all synthetic guitars ( Believe it or not, A BC.Rich ice guitar has very simular qualities to the Parkers. ) I'd stay with that PRS. That's tone.
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