If you are looking at this Cole Clark Guitar, then you already know how amazing these guitars are for such a low price. I got this FL1AC with the intention of recording with it, but with my new job, and college, I have had no time, and it is too much money for it to sit around (total of about 6 hours playing.) I am also including the hard-shell case with it, as well as a guitar humidifier. It is very rare to find one of these guitars here in the US. This is truly a deal! (MSRP $1499.00 AU) Thank You.


The only way that you would be able to tell this was a used guitar is by the very, and I mean very, light shine from were the finish has turned “glossy.” (I got the best picture of it I could, it’s hard to see.) This happens just from having your arm resting on it while playing (it happens on these guitars sooner or later due to the satin finish all Cole Clarks come with, plus, you can barely tell.) This shouldn’t drive you away from this because if you know anything about these guitars, they have arguably the best pickup of any guitar on the market now (I even bought this with the intention of recording with it, it’s that good!) I know this isn’t a big deal, I just thought I would put it in here anyway.

This guitar has:

• All solid timber dreadnought with internally carved top and back
• Natural satin finish
• Neck- Queensland Maple
• Top- “A” grade solid Bunya top
• Solid Queensland Maple back and sides
• Inlaid timber face edge and rosette.
• Solid rosewood bridge and fingerboard
• Grover Machine Heads

If you want pictures, email me and I'll send them all to you. Im looking for $900 (I paid $1200 and used it very little, and bought the $130 case seperate) and will take any offers as well. Price does not include shipping. Thank you for looking.

email - coondoghasmojo@yahoo.com
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