Hey, I'm 16, female, acoustic guitarist...I live thirty minutes south of Atlanta, in the Peachtree City vicinity.

I'm hoping there may be some acoustic-indie guitarists out there that'd like to form a duo/band. Kind of bare-bones. I'm a decent singer but no Kristen Mays, so it'd be pretty swell if you wouldn't mind sharing the vocals or taking them over. I've got a dozen or so songs written, if you want to check them out before making any decisions, tell me.

So, any takers?
i live about an hour north of atlanta but i play acoustic guitar and im lookin for a project to work with hit me back
Hey there. I live in lilburn Ga--not to far from you. 16 year old guy looking to just get something going. I mostly play rock but i wouldn't mind trying something different. Do you have a myspace or anything like that? just a better way to communicate.
u shouldnt have said u were female...now every horny little kid with a guitar is going to want to play with u....lol and no...im not intrested, i live 2 hrs away for that matter...and i like my guitars distorted
I happen to live in PTC. When I'm not in school that is...
I play pretty much anything but hardcore...
Let me know if ya wanna Jam.
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