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7 19%
hell no
30 81%
Voters: 37.
ok me and my friends were argueing on wether we should brush our teeth before breakfast or after and right now it stands 4 to 12 brush after.
anyways i was gonna prove them wrong sooo discuss lol

i'll start i say that brushing before it protects you from diseases and having the taste of last night's snack in your breakfast come up isn't fun lol
maybe but mixing toothpaste and breakfast food is a horrible taste

anyway, it makes no differrence if you brush them after, it's like half an hour
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of course they're going to say
0H it'5 @ jAcK50l\l!??!?!
iT i5 TeH p\/\/naG3!!!

but yeah its fine
after, for the love of God after!
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Well really, you should brush the night before anyway.

Personally, I do whichever's easiest at the time.
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I brush before due to the fact that when I wake up I have horrible breath and taste in my mouth. It's like eating breakfast after you ate a bit of shit at night. But that's just me...>.> <.<
I brush before I go to bed, what is the point of doing it again in the morning before you eat?
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unless your like the dude who doesnt eat til 3 hours after he wakes up you should always brush your teeth after....it makes more sense anyway...ittl get all the food and whatever you didnt get from the night before... if you brush your teeth every night..... so ya yay for bubble gum flavored toothpaste
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it's to the guy who brushes his ass

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Good God, no. Why the hell would you want to do that?! Though, I don't even eat breakfast, so I suppose I don't have too much ground to stand on..
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