Anyone know anything about theese guitars. Its a 1980 Gibson Sonex 180 Custom. I spent a good hour with it in a studio today, and sounded no different than and played no different than a Les Paul. I was worried about the sustain because its a bolt on neck, but it ended up being endless. I'm pretty sure im buying it, but I wanted some final opinions.

I DO I DO!!! I have one. Ok, the reason it has endless sustain and is incredibly heavy( even for a paul) is because its reson! YES i said it, RESON. It has a block of wood with reson covering it. I could tell you specifics and everything you want, so just pm me. And thats a good price, I paided 625 dollars for mine and dont regret it at all. Good luck!

EDIT: its not that rare, but was only made from 1980-83. They are a real model with no bs, but the reson just never caught on.

EDIT EDIT: by the way, they arent worth much. I paid just over what that price is, and I dont regret it at all, its just not a guitar people really know about and was never really produced enough to make a wave in the market, its just a great fun different guitar with a great sound for an amazing price( for a gibson).
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