Is it really as bad as some of you guys say?
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Yes. It is shit. Unless you get it set up every other week, go for something better. Trust me, I own an RG370 (Edge III) and an RG1570 (Edge Pro), I have experience.
I'm back, you douchebags.
the best trem on the market are the original floyd rose, the edge pro and the ZR, so if you want an Ibanez, try to find one with a edge pro or a ZR trem, you can find ZR on all S serie guitars which are not that expensive (starting a 500$)

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Edge III suck, ESPs liscensed floyd roses, suck.

My friends got these (One got an ESP M somethign the other got the Ibanez RG350FM) I got an S470, the trems on their guitars suck, you can barely use it as a trem, the ESP one is stiff, the Ibanez one is dodgy ZR is great! Never tried an Edge pro though sorry.

But i can sure say ZR's are AMAZING!