Hello, I was wondering if AMC theatres would let me buy tickets to 300 and Dead Silence (rated R). I'm 13 yrs old so I wasn't sure. Will the movie theatres let a 13 yr old buy tickets to an R rated movie?
depends on the guy selling them. i got in to 300 because he didn't care at all.
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but ur 15 almost 16 lobster lol not 13, uhh it all depends on the person

if ur lucky and look old enuff ul get it, but be prepared to just go home
they usually say no, but sometimes if you get lucky, they wont care and they'll let you in. I've purchased R rated movies from futureshop, and im under-aged. they didnt care. movie theatres may be different though.
I'm like 4'11'' but my face looks older than 13 and I have a deep voice
theyll probably let you buy the ticket but the guy taking the ticket might not let you in. but you could be a smooth criminal and ask some older people to say that youre with them so you can get in.
^Hah, you're 4'11? Like hell. And apparently you're part asian..Asians tend to look younger than they actually are, at least the ones that I know.

^Hope that didn't come off as racist.

Buy the tickets of Fandango.

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i was like 5'10 when i was 13.. but anyway, they probably wont. just depends on the guy working. you can always get your parents to buy you the tickets. otherwise you have to be 17
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lol none taken

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Just get your parents to buy them. Or your drug abused friend's parents to, that might work out better.
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dude... just buy a ticket for another movie thats in the same little hallway thing, then just go into 300.. i do that at marcus cinema all the time.
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Parents won't be there. If they won't let us buy tickets to 300 and DS, we'll buy tickets to Bridge to Terebitchia and sneak into the other movies. That should work
well i don't know man usually they will let u buy the ticket but the ripper usually i.d.'s u. i just buy my tickets with my bank card at the electronic ticket thing and then they let me in.
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u gotta have a 17 yr old with you i think
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