Well, i like playing grunge/alt./hard rock/metal (yes, it's rather weird once you hear it) with my band. Well, when we were recording this week I came up with a cool outro for one of our songs but had to record it using our other guitarist's boss gt8's wah because i don't have a wah. Thing is, when we play live i'll have to play it because he does backup screams and doesn't think he'll be capable of doing both at the same time. Anyway...I need to buy a wah pedal by next month and can't quite decide which one to get. I've concidered the Dunlop Cry Baby (don't know specifically which one, so recommend me one) and an Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon. Please help me which one to decide on or recommend another one within my price range and available at Guitar Center. I have about a 100 dollar limit (american) and want a wah that's just over-the-top, making some really cool sound.

So far i'm in favor of the Weeping Demon cuz of all the stuff u can change and because it has a slight distortion included which would probably give me a slight volume boost.

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the weeping demon is an awesome wah pedal. especially for metal.
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I'd stay away from the bog standard Crybaby, it saps tone badly.
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